Our basic stance is to provide satisfaction to every customer.

Heartened by customers'reviews

Our telemarketing center directly receives feedback from our customers and provides prompt seasonal information.

All the communicators are regular employees of Sugi Yohoen with considerable experience of life here. They and customers discuss a variety of things, including harvest conditions and products. We are especially heartened to hear when customers have regained health through our products.

We believe that our mission is to carefully listen to every customer, responsibly meet their demands, and make an all-out effort to totally satisfy them.

Always having customers’ viewpoint

Our handling of customer personal data for product shipment and communication is one of our highest priorities at Sugi Yohoen.

We strictly control our customers’ information to prevent it from being leaked and have an in-house telemarketing system where phone calls to customers are always made by our regular employees.

All our staff members endeavor to ensure our customers appreciate and use our products with a safe conscience – that’s our fundamental approach.