We stand in our belief with unwavering principles and clear vision.-Committed to food and health from Kumamoto, richly endowed with nature-

Never forgetting to appreciate Mother Nature

People used to live with nature in forests and seaside. Living in our present convenient civilized society, though, we tend to forget our awe of Mother Nature, even posing a threat to our own living environment.

We at Sugi Yohoen may always learn of the magnificence of natural law from honeybees that we regard as our family. They suck nectar from flowers to live and help pollinate plants, by which plants come into flower, form buds, and produce seeds.

In this one cycle, both apiculture and agriculture, the base for people’s lives, exist. The environment where people and honeybees may live well is created only when farming coexists with nature.

Our perpetual theme is “to engage in apiculture and agriculture that supports apiculture without forgetting appreciation of nature”

With honeybees, With Nature

The headquarters of Sugi Yohoen Co., Ltd. is on a hilltop in the heart of nature’s bounty in northern Kumamoto City. Our beehouses are placed in about 100 honey sources in Kumamoto Prefecture, including Aso, Amakusa and the Yatsushiro plain.

Kumamoto is an ideal place to keep honeybees because flowers continue blooming through all seasons. In such blessed conditions, we started bee keeping in 1956 and have become the bee farm with the largest number of honeybees in Japan.

We supply not only honeybee products but also items made from healthy agricultural produce pollinated by honeybees.

We continue to be committed to healthier food and well-being in the natural surroundings of Kumamoto.