All for Customer Satisfaction – our philosophy since our inception

Both pursuing efficiency and honestly supplying natural honey through time and care

The bee keepers at Sugi Yohoen have concentrated on apiary for more than 60 years, and in the course of close contact with nature, we have reached our own production philosophy: “Wholesome Apiriculture (Apiculture + Agriculture),” meaning that apiculture and agriculture are inseparable in the cycle in nature. Utilizing the habit of honeybees, we offer you only mature honey collected in Kumamoto and Hokkaido.

Focusing on customer satisfaction

Our honey always meets our high standards. We always deliver the tastiest honey with unbending quality consciousness. Our products are highly appreciated by wide range of consumers. They are also a perfect choice as a gift for those you care about.

Customers'satisfaction is our pleasure

We develop attractive products by listening to customers, seeking what they want from their viewpoint and contemplating what we can do for them.