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★How to Make★

  1. Soak gelatin sheets in cold water for a while then remove.
  2. In a pot add only the honey of “Plum Honey” and water, then place over a low flame. Mix and blend well.
  3. Turn off the heat before the mixture boils. Squeeze out any moisture from the gelatin in 【1】 before adding it, and then completely dissolve using the remaining heat in the pot.
  4. Cool the bottom of the pot in 2 to remove any lingering heat. Pour the mixture into jelly cups and place a plum in each before placing in the refrigerator to cool and harden.
  5. When serving, place warm water around 40℃ in a bowl, and soak the outside of the jelly mold for a few seconds. Once it is a little warm turn it upside down over a bowl. You can shake it gently to remove it from the mold.

★How to Make★
  1. Parboil the multigrain rice beforehand.
  2. Cut the tomatoes into chunks. Dice the bacon, onion, carrot, and pumpkin into 1.5cm cubes.
  3. Pour consommé soup and 1 into a saucepan, add mixed beans, and heat it over fire. Turn down the heat once it boils, and then cook the vegetables.
  4. (If you are concerned with the tomato's sourness at this point, you may add some honey.)
  5. Add briefly-boiled broccoli into the multigrain rice mix of 1 and 3, then briefly cook it. Pour into a bowl, then drizzle olive oil on top.

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